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.@TomiLahren on special counsel Russia probe: “This has been going on far too long.” #Outnumbered
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.@JudgeJeanine: "Italy is now calling for mass deportations - they are being overrun." #Outnumbered
.@RCamposDuffy: "This whole investigation was started by a dirty dossier full of lies." #Outnumbered
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Florida Poll: @realDonaldTrump leads @HillaryClinton 45% to 43%. #Outnumbered
.@JudgeJeanine: "[@HillaryClinton] is becoming unhinged... There's talk of her being indicted." #Outnumbered
.@HARRISFAULKNER: "Being here illegally means you've already broken the law." #Outnumbered
.@LawrenceBJones3: "When you remove history, you set yourself up to repeat it." #Outnumbered
.@benshapiro: "@EricHolder was the most corrupt Attorney General certainly of my lifetime." #Outnumbered
Do you agree with @KatTimpf? #Outnumbered
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