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RT to win one of the last pairs of #O2Priority tickets to see @TakeThat at the War Child O2 gig!

#waggytails treats from #O2Priority aren't over. Retweet before midnight for a chance to win cinema tickets.
Competition alert! RT to #WIN a pair of O2 Priority Tickets to see @takethat at the War Child O2 gig #O2Priority
£1 pizza. Every Monday at Domino's on your #O2Priority app between 11am-3pm.
RT and FOLLOW to win tickets to @TakeThat's sold out War Child, BRITs and O2 gig.

Thanks to @O2music #o2priority
It's a big #waggytails day. For now, retweet for a chance to win #O2Priority cinema tickets:
Joined O2 today? Get #O2Priority deals from @HotelChocolat & more. RT this & you could win some choc. #iPhone6sOnO2
Ed Sheeran's in our new ad. Promoting his amazing Wembley Stadium show. On #O2Priority 26 Nov
Don't pay more than £1 for @Dominos_UK pizza on Mondays. Exclusive to #O2Priority -
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