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Reagan. Bush 41. Bush 43. They all tried "Trickle-Down Economics." And not once did it help working families. #NotOnePenny
RT if you agree that @SpeakerRyan should give #NotOnePenny in tax cuts to @realDonaldTrump and the wealthy
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Massive tax cuts to the rich →✨✨conservative magic✨✨→ "trickle down" to the middle class

Don’t fall for Trump’s flawed logic. #NotOnePenny
JUST NOW: GOP rejected @SenSanders’ amdt that ensures #NotOnePenny in tax cuts goes to the 1%. Shameful. The wealthy already have a leg up!
Economic growth comes from investing in education, research, and infrastructure. It does not come from tax cuts for the rich. #NotOnePenny
It is completely wrong to force hard-working families to subsidize tax cuts for the richest families & corporations in America. #NotOnePenny
To Democrats, tax reform is clear: We believe strongly that #NotOnePenny go to top 1% percent & that any tax reform must be deficit neutral.
#NotOnePenny in tax cuts for the wealthy & giant corporations – especially not on the backs of everyone else. We'll fight this GOP tax plan.
It’s wrong & immoral for the GOP to cut Medicare & education to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy 1%. #NotOnePenny
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