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See how #Nintendo will come to life at Universal Theme Parks across the globe at
#OnThisDay 1889: #Nintendo was founded! In 1990 the Money Programme spoke with Super Mario creator,…
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#Nintendo shared their vision for the #NintendoSwitch with us. Here's what went into their newest piece of hardware.
As a huge #Nintendo fan & longtime gamer, its amazing to be inside #TomodachiLife on #3DS as me. Game on!
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#Nintendo has discontinued the #NES classic edition.
It’s a great day to be a #Nintendo fan (like me!). The hilarious & fun #TomodachiLife for #3DS is now available.
Today in Geek History: The original #Nintendo Game Boy released in Japan in 1989. Happy 26th Birthday, Game Boy!
Can't sleep.. Currently playing Mario kart with no sound and it's killing me! Don't want to wake lex up.. #Nintendo #alwayakid #toad
8 months
#Nintendo announced a new mobile #MarioKart game, coming early 2019!

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