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See how #Nintendo will come to life at Universal Theme Parks across the globe at
#Nintendo announced a new mobile #MarioKart game, coming early 2019!

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#OnThisDay 1889: #Nintendo was founded! In 1990 the Money Programme spoke with Super Mario creator,…
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#Nintendo shared their vision for the #NintendoSwitch with us. Here's what went into their newest piece of hardware.
11 months
#Nintendo has discontinued the #NES classic edition.
As a huge #Nintendo fan & longtime gamer, its amazing to be inside #TomodachiLife on #3DS as me. Game on!
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2 months
#Nintendo has broken their record with the #NintendoSwitch​ becoming the fastest-selling console in U.S. History.
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It’s a great day to be a #Nintendo fan (like me!). The hilarious & fun #TomodachiLife for #3DS is now available.
Today in Geek History: The original #Nintendo Game Boy released in Japan in 1989. Happy 26th Birthday, Game Boy!
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