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For years, we've been told milk is "essential." Here's why it's not. #NationalMilkDay
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Milk is great food— for baby cows. It has to be stolen from calves before humans can drink it. #NationalMilkDay
#NationalMilkDay ISN’T healthy. Dairy can increase your risk for prostate and ovarian cancers, acne, & bone loss.
Types of #DairyFree milks:
-Macadamia Nut
For humans to drink milk made for calves, the babies are taken from their moms shortly after birth. #NationalMilkDay
Male calves from dairy farms are kept from moving in tiny pens so their flesh is tender for veal. #NationalMilkDay
This is what's inside every carton of milk. #NationalMilkDay
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Besides humans, no species drinks milk beyond infancy-- OR drinks the milk of another species. #NationalMilkDay
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