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Whoa! A "tumbleweed #tornado" was spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. #NMwx
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Ice halo pic by Joshua Thomas in @Red_River_NM 1/9/15. Thanks @NWSLaCrosse for the annotations! #nmwx #newmexicotrue
710pm Big changes in store Tuesday as winter returns to the Borderland. #txwx #nmwx
Narbona (not Narnia 🦁)Pass north of Window Rock, Arizona a Winter Wonderland.

📹: Silver Nez Perry @KOB4 #nmwx #azwx
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.@ABQschools are closed due to weather. Enjoy the school day, kids! #nmwx
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Triple downburst west-northwest of NWS El Paso (Santa Teresa). #nmwx #txwx #elpaso
Snowy Shiprock is simply stunning, even with some peaks of ☀️

📸: Nessa Palmer @KOB4 #nmwx #NavajoNation
Red River right now 😮😮

Trust me, there is a mountain behind all that snow! #nmwx
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Wow!! structure on this beast supercell near Tucumcari, NM!! #nmwx
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