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Hey #MythBusters fans we still have some cool gear we need to give away. RT and we mind send you a surprise ;)
WOAH! Didn't know so many of you wanted a follow. RT this one and we'll follow 5 more random accounts #MythBusters
Remember whirlpool of death? I found the original sketch of the experimental layout! #tbt #mythbusters
Failure is always an option. #MythBusters
We don't usually post these full videos, but the Cement Truck High-Speed just needed to be shared. #MythBusters
"The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down" -@donttrythis #MythBusters
First 10 people to RT us we'll follow back! Just a little present to all our fans this final season. #MythBusters
A huge thanks to the #MythBusters crew for 14 golden years of television!
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