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So what exactly is the North American monsoon? Learn here:

SPC Outlook for Sunday highlighting an above normal risk for severe weather in our area. #azwx #Tucson #Monsoon2018
WOW: This evening's storm hit Rio Rancho hard. #nmwx #Monsoon2018
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Dust advisory until 5:45 pm this evening. Please drive carefully. #azwx #Monsoon2018
Looks like County Road 98 in Chimayó, NM will be impassable for awhile...
📹: Ray Griego @KOB4 #nmwx #Monsoon2018
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Here we go again! #Monsoon2018 coverage starts right now on @abc15 at 4
The arroyos in Santa Fe are rushing again!

📹: Mariella Lopez @KOB4 #nmwx #Monsoon2018
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Heat can be deadly. Visit for tips on how to be safe in the sun. #Monsoon2018
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