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Does Mamata have right to upset Hindus?
TIMES NOW IMPACT: Subramanian Swamy takes Mamata Govt head on,gives her 48 hrs to withdraw appointment or face legal heat #MandirMeinBatwara
Temple cannot be managed by someone from another religion: Dr Subramanian Swamy, MP Rajya Sabha #MandirMeinBatwara
It’s impossible to appoint a non-Hindu as the Temple head as per the law: Subramanian Swamy #MandirMeinBatwara
It’s a religious matter, there’s no scope for any person of another religion to interfere: Subramanian Swamy warns #MandirMeinBatwara
#IndiaUpfront WB CM Mamata's choice Firhad Hakim is the same man who referred to his constituency as 'mini-Pak' #MandirMeinBatwara
#IndiaUpfront | Hard Facts on Mamata Banerjee’s controversial ‘design to divide’ #MandirMeinBatwara
It’s a mad move by Mamata Banerjee, and against the law: Subramanian Swamy, MP Rajya Sabha #MandirMeinBatwara
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