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Our nation's newest national monument: The stunning Katahdin Woods & Waters in #Maine #findyourpark 📸:Bill Duffy
If you like stargazing, you’ll love this pic of the Milky Way @AcadiaNPS by Manish Mamtani #Maine
Experience a lifetime of beauty in a day @AcadiaNPS. Pic by Stan Dzugan #Maine #FindYourPark
Too cute! Fox kits playing near Rachel Carson #WildlifeRefuge. Video by Katrina Amaral #Maine
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The #MilkyWay sparkles over Bubble Pond @AcadiaNPS by Evan Kokoska #Maine
Fall colors are popping up at Moosehorn #WildlifeRefuge in #Maine
Spectacular winter sunset @AcadiaNPS by Kevin Davis #Maine
A postcard-worthy image: Bass Harbor Lighthouse @AcadiaNPS in #Maine
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