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🔴 #BREAKING - Emmanuel #Macron elected president of France (with 65.1% of the vote)
France: Percentage of people who disapprove of President Macron reaches all-time record high in Ifop-Fiducial poll: 76%. #France #Macron
France is in FLAMES! And you, the dwarf #Macron are trying to run other people’s countries? #Syria #Venezuela
New: #France electoral commission calls on media not to publish alleged #Macron emails indicating spreading false info could break law
Emmanuel Macron inaugurated as France's youngest ever president, taking over from Francois Hollande #Macron
French people ‘can do better’ than ‘terrible’ #Macron – Italy’s #Salvini
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If #Macron wins in France, it looks as if it'll be an engaged, energised younger generation that we'll all have to thank. An example for UK.
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