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#Breaking: Official Statement by the #Saudi Public Prosecution on the Jamal #Khashoggi case.
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Snowden believes Israeli cybersecurity firm enabled #Khashoggi murder
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After landing in OH, Trump tells reporters he'll be calling King Salman to inquire about whereabouts of #Khashoggi
How two Turkish papers known for spreading disinformation came to lead reporting on the #Khashoggi case
How could anyone with a conscience attend #DavosInTheDesert until we know more facts about what happened to #Khashoggi ?
In the light of the #Khashoggi affair it is time to re-open the case of the strange death of Dr #DavidKelly
Silenced forever: Saudi Arabia admits Jamal #Khashoggi is dead, @seldeeb reports.
The Saudis now say they’ll work with Turkey to investigate disappearance of journalist Jamal #Khashoggi
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