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It’s as easy as this Mr. President. Just sign on the line, @realDonaldTrump. #KeepFamiliesTogether
Immigrant children should not be taken from their parents. Call your senator and ask them to support S. 3036 to #KeepFamiliesTogether
.@realDonaldTrump promised he would not split up families. He is doing exactly that. #KeepFamiliesTogether
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I’m about to hit the livestream #keepfamiliestogether Go now and get some of the cool stuff I brought!
Thanks to @Ninja for hosting our stream and the $3,000 donation! We’re now at $108k to #KeepFamiliesTogether ❤️
Thank you all for donating and watching! We’ve raised over $27k for @RAICESTEXAS and to #KeepFamiliesTogether
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