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@cspan 5 months
poll should the senate confirm judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court
POLL: Should the Senate confirm Judge Brett #Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court?
Sheldon Whitehouse
kavanaugh must withdraw or fbi must investigate there is no decent third option
#Kavanaugh must withdraw, or @FBI must investigate. There is no decent third option.
Charles M. Blow
what the hell is susan collins talks talking about just vote yes and spare us all this tortured rationalizing
What the hell is Susan Collins talks talking about?! Just vote “yes” and spare us all this tortured rationalizing. #Kavanaugh
Dana Loesch
a new poll shows mccaskills opposition to kavanaugh has hurt her with voters mosen
A new poll shows McCaskill’s opposition to #Kavanaugh has hurt her with voters
Planned Parenthood
roses are red violets are blue senators vote no on kavanaugh or else we re coming for you nationalpoetryday st
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Senators vote NO on #Kavanaugh
Or else we're coming for you

#NationalPoetryDay #StopKavanaugh
Newt Gingrich
republicans should not have delayed the kavanaugh vote andrewcmccarthy
Republicans Should Not Have Delayed the #Kavanaugh Vote - ⁦@AndrewCMcCarthy⁩
????Sandra ن
who is in favor of conducting 40 years background checks on every senator while we re at it kavanaugh
Who is in favor of conducting 40 years background checks on every senator while we're at it?

Charles M. Blow
is kavanaugh really doing a my mom taught black people really bruh
Is #Kavanaugh really doing a “my mom taught black people”? Really bruh?…
Sen. Patrick Leahy
senator patrick leahy on his questioning of judge kavanaugh on hacked democratic files
Senator Patrick Leahy, On His Questioning Of Judge #Kavanaugh On Hacked Democratic Files:
Sheldon Whitehouse
kavanaugh has failed to give americans that assurance and he will not get my vote
#Kavanaugh has failed to give Americans that assurance, and he will not get my vote.
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