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DGP #Karnataka released circular to take back cases filed in last five years against minorities who were involved in communal clashes
#Karnataka : @BJP4India 's 'operation lotus' fails; party accused of offering Rs 60 cr bribe to #JDS MLA @INCIndia
#Visuals from Bengaluru following rainfall in the district #Karnataka
Learn from #Delhi's @AamAadmiParty govt how to improve in education sector: #Karnataka CM to ministers
#BJP MLA Umesh Katti tears open gutkha packet in #Karnataka Vidhan Sabha
Watch here:
#Karnataka will be #BJP’s Waterloo for 2019. India has seen the brazen corruption of this hypocritical farce of a political party.
Union Minister Ananth Kumar passed away at the age of 59, in Bengaluru last night. #Karnataka
Mallikarjun Khuba,JDS MLA from Basavakalyan resigns from the party, says will join BJP #Karnataka
.@BJP4India spent over Rs 122 crore for #Karnataka poll campaign, Rs 14 crore in 3 Northeast states
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