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Per JBLM source: After being contacted by F-15’s, stolen plane began to nose dive, crashing in north Pierce County. #KOMONews
Gotta love #ichiro still climbing walls and robbing home runs for the @Mariners ⚾️ #KOMONews #Mariners
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LIVE on #Periscope: Anti-Trump protest takes to the streets in downtown Seattle #komonews
Anti-Trump protesters are blocking the highway at SR 539 and River Road near Lynden. #TrumpWA #KOMONews
Mount Rainier spun off a few lenticular clouds on Sunday!

Thanks to Ross Troxa for sharing with #KOMOnews
HAPPENING NOW: 100s are protesting Donald Trump's victory in Seattle #KOMONews
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Hundreds marching through Sea-Tac Airport in protest of the #muslimban. #komonews
BREAKING: Donald Trump is elected president of the United States #ElectionNight #komonews
Photo from @GerryOliver shows the arrest of a person of interest in the Cascade Mall shooting. #komonews
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