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Here's part of my interview on KCBS KCAL about film music and @ScoreMovie ! #KCBS 📺
Click to Listen: a bittersweet weather forecast from @RobertaKPIX on #kcbs this morning
Me and this lovebug linzsloane are gonna be on cbsla #KCBS at 5:09pm promoting #TheOddCouple! Tune In!!!
Click to Listen: @hollyquanKCBS explores: is the great California exodus beginning? #kcbs #kcbsradio #localnews
Click to Listen: John Madden tells @SteveBitker he liked the @Raiders running game on Sunday. #kcbs #johnmadden
Click to listen: #JohnMadden previews the @Raiders home opener with @SteveBitker on #kcbs
Legendary #KCBS Radio Anchor Al Hart Dies At 88
.@sylocbs Congrats Sylvia on a wonderful career. Loved what your colleagues #KCAL9 #KCBS had to say about you... and your smile. #Impressed
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