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If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter
#Juno turned back toward the sun, has power and started its tour of #Jupiter in an initial 53.5-day orbit
All rays on me. My solar panels now face the sun. I’m the farthest solar-powered spacecraft from Earth. #Jupiter
And yet it moves. What Galileo saw through his telescope, I captured on approach to #Jupiter
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Teamwork❤️! From #Jupiter to Earth: thanks, team for guiding me into orbit. And now… SCIENCE
Today is the day of my #Jupiter closest approach! I’ll skim past the planet at a mere 2,600 miles above the clouds.
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#Jupiter from space station to celebrate @NASAJuno's arrival tomorrow. It will fly closer than any other spacecraft.
Hot stuff. During #Jupiter approach, I captured the planet’s glow in infrared light
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.@NASAJuno@NASAJuno arrives at #Jupiter July 4 to unravel the planet's mysteries, including the origin of its magnetosphere.
LIVE NOW: Coverage of @NASAJuno's arrival at #Jupiter after an almost 5-year journey! Watch:
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