Ugh! Just saw the live stream of my #Juneteenth speech stopped. I'll upload it later!
The crowd is assembling at the #Juneteenth celebration in Elizabeth, N.J. Y'all come on out! I'll be speaking...
Elizabeth, NJ! Come out to today's #Juneteenth event. I'm the keynote speaker. It's time to #BringTheFunk!...
We will always fight for what is right #Juneteenth
As Attorney General, I pledge to protect our hard fought victories securing our fellow Americans' civil rights & liberties #Juneteenth
#Juneteenth is the holiday everyone should be celebrating
#Juneteenth is the holiday everyone should be celebrating
These photos show why everyone should celebrate #Juneteenth
1 week
Tonight on @ElSonidoRadio, @deejayChilly celebrates #Juneteenth w/ 3 hours of Afro-Latino artists 6P-9P on
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