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10 months
Very important question: Does the cast of #Jumanji know who @BTS_twt is?
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A celebratory cigar after a long day. More #jumanji promo carries on tomorrow. Berlin here we come!
Celebrating our 4th week in a row at number 1. Insane. Thank you! #JUMANJI
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It’s the game that plays you... #JUMANJI
Incredible hike in beautiful Hawaii with @nickjonas he's killing it filming #jumanji ....almost busted my ass 20 ti…
WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! #JUMANJI #superbowl @therock @kevinhart4real @jumanjimovie
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#JUMANJI is in theaters now!! Who’s heading out to see it tonight?
What a talented man he was. RIP Robin Williams... My favourite childhood films #Jumanji #Hook #Flubber #LEGEND
Welcome to the jungle! #JUMANJI press junket in Hawaii STARTS NOW! 🤙🏼
With the tour all wrapped up I've got two days of promo for GOAT in NYC and LA then off to my next adventure.. #jumanji
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