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Happy #Juneteenth (June 19th, 1865), which marked the "effective end of slavery" in the United States ✊🏾#FreedomDay
We're celebrating #Juneteenth by continuing the fight for freedom for all
Did you know today's a holiday? #Juneteenth is one of the most important days in African-American history.
#OTD in 1865, enslaved Texans were freed two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. #Juneteenth
152 yrs ago, news finally reached Texas & the Southwest the Civil War ended & slaves were freed. Proud to join all celebrating #Juneteenth
US/Russia Are Now In Huge Showdown Over Syria - #AlexJonesShow LIVE 11am-3pm CT #mondaymotivation #Juneteenth
#Juneteenth is the largest celebration of the ending of slavery in the United States.
150 years ago, black America got its own 'Independence Day' #Juneteenth
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