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My appeal to all EU institutions: please respect the voters. We are there to serve them, not to lecture them. #Italy @dwnews
#Italy and the #Alps last night were breathtaking! #YearInSpace
good times @justinbieber keepin it real #irishpub #life #italy
Tonight a special thought to #Italy after an important day. Stasera un pensiero all'Italia dopo giorno importante!
(IT) Finalmente uno scorcio notturno del mio paese! And finally a night glimpse of my beautiful country! #Italy
Day 328. Twilight and #Italy to boot! #BuonaNotte #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace
Great having @1LoganHenderson at rehearsal! Played some songs we haven't played in a while ;)
Stoked to head back to #Italy
And finally... one last picture of #Italy by night
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