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My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel
RT if you agree → It's time to rebuild our partnership with #Israel and reaffirm our commitment to her security.
Hillary Clinton private speech to Jewish fund (2013): #Israel is working closely with #Jordan to shore up king Abdu… htt#PodestaEmailsps://
Floating in the #DeadSea and enjoying Garfield in Hebrew. #ConanIsrael #Israel
Moving the US embassy in #Israel to #Jerusalem shows that @POTUS is not intimated by the violence like previous administrations have been.
Floating pon de Dead Sea #israel
BREAKING: #Israel warplanes launch airstrike near Damascus, #Syria – reports
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#Israel is a state that takes up 1% of the arab ME. But that is considered unfair by Arabs.
What would you do if rockets were striking your country? RT if you agree that #Israel has the right to self-defense.
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