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Political cartoon shows the regime drowning along with #Iran’s currency, the Rial 💴 #IranProtests #FreeIran2018
Any regime that goes to such great lengths to silence its citizens cannot claim that it exists to support them #IranProtests
Iran. Women will no longer be arrested for failing to wear a headscarf in Tehran. #Iranprotests via @telegraphnews
Another video sent to me from protest in #Tehran today- “Death to the Dictator!” #IranProtests
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The silence from @BarackObama & @HillaryClinton on the #Iranprotests is deafening
Joining @seanhannity at 9pET to discuss #IranProtests and what we can expect to see from @potus and GOP in 2018. Watch on @foxnews.
Maybe if we tweet that Trump is golfing in Iran then CNN will cover #IranProtests
Another image circulating, demonstrating a low battery life on the mullahs’ regime. #iranprotests
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