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[WINNER - Daily Life on Instagram]
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#Instagram will now be able to use anyone's photos in ads? Without consent? Come on! Is there another photo app people recommend?
Surround the whole photo with a frame and completely destroy my aesthetic continuity, or crudely crop the shot and retain order? #Instagram
First #Instagram post. Will be posting there as well.
@HeffronDrive good luck tonight performing #parallel at the capital!! Thankful that #Instagram keeps me posted on what everyone's doing!
.@JustinBieber is back on #Instagram and it's clear he is making up for lost time!
Socialmatic: Polaroid #Instagram camera coming in 2014 by @shanerichmond
hola from miami! yo @alexavega is answering question on #instagram @theremainingmovie !! go chat with her and the rest of the cast!
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