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a president who supports white supremacists and Nazis MUST. BE. IMPEACHED. NOW #ImpeachTrump
Hey #ImpeachTrump also #ImpeachTrump in addition #ImpeachTrump would be great if you could #ImpeachTrump think it's best if we #ImpeachTrump
Next Presidential approval poll will also double nicely as a "percentage of Americans who r okay with Nazis & murder" poll.

never tolerate racism.
never allow bigotry to go unchallenged.
never normalize hate.

Somebody added @realDonaldTrump to the @Wikipedia list of Confederate presidents... #ImpeachTrump
His inhumane and immoral actions not only continue, but harshen and deepen. The hallmark of a true monster. #ImpeachTrump
We never ever had a president so widely condemned as trump is being condemned now. Not even Nixon... #impeachtrump
#ImpeachTrump is the number 1 trending hashtag on twitter right now. #QuitTheCouncil is number 2
When Trump is impeached nations around the world will rejoice. Parties, fireworks, and festivals. Drinks on me. #ImpeachTrump
Your name is trending @POTUS!

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