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Today’s African #proverb: If sin persists for a year it becomes tradition. An #Igbo proverb sent by Ike Emeka, Lagos, #Nigeria
You should never spit in your own well; you might come back to it for a drink. An #Igbo #proverb sent by Thaddaeus Obinna Nwaokeke, Sweden
Today’s #African #proverb: Use your tongue to count your teeth before you speak. An #Igbo proverb sent by Uche Duru, London, UK
They say that the broom is not important, but in the morning they look for it. An #Igbo #proverb sent by Chika Prisca Nkachukwu, Nigeria
The forest that does not like baskets should not grow mushrooms. An #Igbo #proverb sent by Ibru Ibeabuchi, Umuahia Ibeku, Nigeria
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