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Woooow @imVkohli ...special it was... Great win, fighting all the way! #IndvsAus
Fantastic clean sweep! Well done and a thrilling finish... Enjoy the win boys #IndvsAus
Wow ! What an incredible innings from @ImHarmanpreet .Great reaction from Deepti in helping her on the 100th run.
Come on India .
The sweetness of a clean sweep in Australia awaits. Game on Boys @msdhoni @imVkohli @YUVSTRONG12 #IndvsAus
After #IndvsBan I termed sport a manual for life.After #IndvsAus I add that,at its best,sport can inspire you to achieve the unachievable...
Great effort by @TheHockeyIndia ,went right down to the wire.Lost a great final in Penalty Shootout but won our hearts.
#HCT2016 #IndvsAus
7 wins in a row is no joke. No need for a land of 1.25bn to fear a country of 0.02bn. Go India Go! Best of luck for tomo! #IndvsAus
Catch me talk to @BoriaMajumdar on #IndVsAus mega match on @IndiaToday
Played like an Athletic Chess player! Master innings @imVkohli #viratkohli #WT20 #IndvsAus
Total(1) => 0.1098518371582 f_f_QM(2) => 0.10570001602173 indS(2) => 0.059134960174561 indM(2) => 0.046489000320435 indM_1(2) => 0.004202127456665 indM_2(2) => 0.0010719299316406 indM_4(2) => 0.0038988590240479 indM_5(2) => 0.0060770511627197 indM_6(2) => 0.0016391277313232 indM_7(2) => 0.005375862121582 indM_8(2) => 0.0028889179229736 indM_9(2) => 0.0093321800231934 indM_10(2) => 0.0083026885986328 f_f_pTL(2) => 0.0023987293243408 f_f_dT(20) => 0.0022108554840088