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@noshoesnation, please pray for all my friends in the islands. #hurricaneirma2017
Limbaugh fled. The next time he or @realDonaldTrump calls CNN #FAKENEWS, send them this clip #hurricaneirma2017
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Fly over the eye of #hurricaneirma2017 in a "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft. 📽 : @NWS.
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New York is ready to provide any support and assistance we can for our neighbors in the path of Hurricane Irma. #hurricaneirma2017
#HurricaneIrma2017 brought devastation to USVI & PR. Praying for these Americans as they try to restore power, rebuild & find loved ones.
MT @FEMA: #HurricaneIrma2017 checklist...
🏡 Bring lightweight items indoors
🚗 Double-check evacuation route
🐶 Plan for pets
🔋 Charge devices
Irma triggers massive destruction in Barbuda; at least 1 killed, officials say #hurricaneirma2017
Hurricanes Jose and Katia form as Irma roars #hurricaneirma2017
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