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Results for Hillary

fmr dc da fbi director comey s hand forced by fbi agents seething anger at botched hillary email investigation
Fmr DC DA: FBI Director Comey's hand forced by @FBI agents 'Seething' anger at botched #Hillary email investigation
more on hillary per witness unexpected early departure she stumbled off curb knees buckled lost a shoe as she
MORE ON #HILLARY per witness: "unexpected early departure"; she stumbled off curb, "knees buckled", lost a shoe as she was helped into van
Howard Fineman
women of all political stripes have told me that trump s scowling hovering presence near hillary sunday scared
Women of all political stripes have told me that #Trump's scowling, hovering presence near #Hillary Sunday scared them. Men didn't notice.
Dr. Marty Fox
attn hillary public servants do not get to conceal their corrupt illegal activities amp then whine that they w
Dr. Marty Fox
trump should hold up this cover at the debate and explain that hillary is planning to bring thousands just li
????Sandra ن
here is what trump does when no one is watching hillaryindictment hillary imwithher not maga americafirst
Here is what Trump does when no one is watching

#Hillary #ImWithHer not!
#MAGA #AmericaFirst
Dr. Marty Fox
the senate will investigate lynch blocking the hillary mishandling classified information investigation
Dr. Marty Fox
poll with hillary ahead by 11 is a fraud she must appear to be winning to make the voterfraud result credible
Poll With #Hillary Ahead By 11 Is A FRAUD

She Must Appear To Be Winning

To Make The #VoterFraud Result Credible… ://
Dr. Marty Fox
the people who know all black lives matter not just those that advance hillary soros anarchy are the police
The People Who Know
ALL Black Lives Matter

NOT Just Those That Advance #Hillary #Soros #Anarchy

Are The #Police
Dr. Marty Fox
remember when the msm played the hillary tape laughing about defending a rapist of a 12 year old she knew was
Remember When The #MSM Played The #Hillary Tape

Laughing About Defending A #Rapist Of A 12 Year Old

She KNEW Was…
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