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Chuck Schumer
if potus refuses to make csr payments every expert agrees that premiums will go up amp healthcare will be more
If @POTUS refuses to make CSR payments, every expert agrees that premiums will go up & #healthcare will be more expensive for millions.
Jimmy Kimmel
my response to billcassidy lindseygrahamsc chrischristie healthcare grahamcassidy
My response to @BillCassidy @LindseyGrahamSC @ChrisChristie #HealthCare #GrahamCassidy
Be A King
a word from my father mlk healthcare
A Word from My Father. #MLK #Healthcare
Chuck Schumer
i have a challenge for potus it s simple let s move forward on healthcare in an open bipartisan way
I have a challenge for @POTUS. It's simple: let's move forward on #healthcare in an open, bipartisan way.
Jimmy Kimmel
sign up for trumpcare by december 15th at amp support our president healthcare
Sign up for #TrumpCare by December 15th at & support our President! #HealthCare
Senator Jeff Merkley
can anyone tell me what s in the healthcare bill we are supposedly voting on tomorrow senategop amp senatemajl
Can anyone tell me what's in the #healthcare bill we are supposedly voting on tomorrow? @SenateGOP & @SenateMajLdr have given us zero info.
Տᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ ن
john mccain is a democrat in sheep clothes arizona get rid of this rino healthcare obamacare maga trump
John McCain is a democrat in sheep clothes. Arizona get rid of this RINO!!

Chuck Schumer
only way to truly improve healthcare is for the trump admin to stop sabotaging marketplaces amp for gop to fin
Only way to truly improve #healthcare is for the Trump admin to stop sabotaging marketplaces & for GOP to finally work in a bipartisan way.
Bill Maher
healthcare vs diseasecare food purity in america w potus
#HealthCare vs. #DiseaseCare: Food purity in America w/@POTUS
Project Syndicate
rabies kills 59000 people annually with one third of the victims in india healthcare
Rabies kills 59,000 people annually, with one-third of the victims in India #healthcare
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