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Does James Comey owe the American people an explanation over his handling of the Clinton investigation? #Hannity
Do you think the mainstream media over the last year has lost their collective minds over President Trump? #Hannity
It’s one of the biggest national security scandals ever, but the media refuses to cover it! I’ll have more next #Hannity
I have a powerful monologue that you don't want to miss... We will expose Robert Mueller’s corrupt special counsel next #Hannity
"@FoxNews: Julian Assange on U.S. media coverage: “It’s very dishonest.” #Hannity" More dishonest than anyone knows
The real Russia scandal has been exposed… John Solomon & @SaraCarterDC join me at 9pm to explain #Hannity
Does Hillary Clinton need to come clean with the American people on what she knew about the Russian dossier? #Hannity
House Republicans launched investigations into the Uranium One deal and the DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email scandal… more on #Hannity
.@PastorDScott: "The Democratic Party was the engine that drove racism in America. It was the engine behind the Confederacy." #Hannity
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