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@rahagar @Charvanek I do and advocate the exact same thing brother #hedge
As we lose the first ball in the #hedge with just eight minutes to go until half time at Glebe Park, it's still 1:0.
Goldman Sachs downgraded by Morgan Stanley until Malaysian 1MDB scandal is ‘resolved’ #HEDGE #wallst
Could your village hall do with a #hedge or some #free #trees? Enhance your neighbourhood by planting trees
Morgan Stanley: “A Credit Bear Market Has Started And Will Be Painful” #HEDGE #wallst
Brexiter Crispin Odey sees upside in sterling/UK assets if no Brexit - go figure #hedge via @financialtimes
Could your village hall do with a #hedge or some #free #trees? Improve your neighbourhood by planting trees
Trump, Republicans claim Arizona election fraud amid tight McSally-Sinema race for Senate #HEDGE #worldnews
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