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Business school is a great place for entrepreneurs. An MBA student explains: #HBSNVC
NVC is underway and next month the next generation of HBS entrepreneurs will present their new businesses #HBSNVC
More than 1/2 of HBS alumni are entrepreneurs at some point in their lives #HBSNVC
So your startup is growing quickly—make it last by avoiding common business scaling mistakes: #HBSNVC
50 entrepreneurs came to our New Venture Competition kick-off to present their ideas and meet team members #HBSNVC
Sparkle is a toy that fosters an emotional connection to STEM, boosting a girl's confidence and imagination #HBSNVC
Advice for entrepreneurs. @HBSRock #HBSNVC
"Entrepreneurs achieve things beyond the current imagination of what people think is possible." — Dean Nohria #HBSNVC
When you think strategy, you don't think entrepreneurship—but here's why you should #HBSNVC
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