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Painful to see strife over temporarily housing #GrenfellTower survivors in a nation full of actual palaces. Buckingham alone has 775 rooms.
Hillsborough taught us that people in positions of serious power will seek to keep the truth about a tragedy from the public. #GrenfellTower
Total scandal. Two women feared dead in #GrenfellTower fought for fire safety: and were threatened with legal action
At 1030am the Govt has already refused to put a minister up on #C4News tonight #GrenfellTower
Report: Whistleblowers who sought to prevent #GrenfellTower fire feared dead in blaze. The neglect here is criminal.
"How is that possible?!" This is the moment firefighters first saw the #GrenfellTower fire in west London
Look at the #grenfelltower and you will feel a gut-wrenching fury. I suggest everyone go see with your own eyes what we have come to
Serious questions being asked by survivors about Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council #GrenfellTower
BBC understands Man City & England footballer Raheem Sterling is set to make a substantial donation to those affected by #GrenfellTower fire
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