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Happy 5k everyone! RT for your chance to win this #GreenWall autographed #Scuf (Ends Friday June 5th)

We dedicate this victory to all members of the #GREENWALL
NEW White A50s!!

5% w/this link:

RT for a chance to win a set!

#GreenWall @ASTROGaming
Win yourself a couple of bricks from the #GreenWall this year in @ScufGaming's 13th #HoliPLAYgiveaway!
RT If you're excited for the 5k!! (2 lucky RT'ers will get these in the mail! #GreenWall #OpTicGaming #OpTicNaTion
Happy #OpTicDay! 8yrs ago I walked out of my corporate job with a hope and a dream.... funny how life works. #GreenWall
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