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Winter Storm #Goliath in Clovis, NM. RT @mward88101 Clovis, New Mexico.
Dairy cow death toll to surpass 30,000 in Texas, New Mexico due to Winter Storm #Goliath
Now this is a real #tbt. Memories with @scooterbraun watching this one all day. #goliath
State of emergency issued in New Mexico. "Dire situation" says Gov. Martinez #NMwx #Goliath
Wishing for #snow in #NewEngland? Your wish is about to come true; up to 1 FOOT+ possible from Winter Storm #Goliath
Same Billy, new Goliath. Stream the new season of #Goliath now on @PrimeVideo. #ad
Winter Storm #Goliath will also spread snow & ice thru the Midwest and into the Northeast:
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