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Full control of this love will be yours tomorrow night. #GUY @ladygaga #VevoPremiere
Mike Pence is a man of great character who still promotes "conversion therapy" for gay people #great #guy
WonderWoman is so sexist. When are MALE superheroes gonna be given a chance to fullyexpress themselves & savetheplanet? #Sexism #Gal #Guy
Assistant Mayor in Les Cayes was holding a meeting about #Matthew and the storm's winds blew off the roof. #Guy Delva on @RTVCaraibes
@LadyGaGa Surprised your new single #GUY is underperforming badly on U.S. iTunes. It's currently #151. I guess general public isn't into it.
Every time #GUY by @LadyGaga comes on, we BLAST it. The building starts to dance :)
@LadyGaGa Music news! After debuting last week at #76, GaGa's new single #GUY has dropped out of the @Billboard Hot 100 this week.
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