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RT if you think Alabama’s new Senator should get a vote on the #GOPTaxScam
The $1.5 trillion Republicans want to spend on the #GOPTaxScam would fund CHIP for ***915 YEARS***
The entire U.S. tax code is being rewritten at 6:30pm on a Friday in crayon 🖍️ #GOPTaxScam
It's an absolute travesty that Senate Republicans chose corporate profit over the American people tonight. We will not forget. #GOPTaxScam
People are angry about the #GOPTaxScam – and they are right to be. I am, too.
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RT if you worry about how #GOPTaxScam would affect your family.
Incredibly moving argument against the #GOPTaxScam today from @AdyBarkan. #NotOnePenny
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There can be no denying that the #GOPTaxScam will devastate middle class families across America. Tune in here:
The real winners from the #GOPTaxScam will be the corporate shareholders, CEOs, and lobbyists that were paid to write the bill.
The #GOPTaxScam is a backdoor attempt to get #Trumpcare passed. That’s not what the American people want.
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