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Rise like lions. We are many, they are few. #VoteLabour #GE2017
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alright fellow "YOUNG PEOPLE" i know the concept of going outside is terrifying but its rather important today so please go and VOTE #GE2017
Morning! If you've just picked up your phone, here's a quick visual guide to how @theresa_may's #GE2017 night went
However #GE2017 ends, one must ask what #Labour's numbers would be right now if the party had not spent so long defaming its own leader.
This man just ate (some of) his book live on Sky News after making an incorrect #GE2017 prediction @GoodwinMJ
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Thinking of scrapping the election and the whole sodding lot of them with it and returning to Absolute Monarchy. Who's in? #GE2017
We don't know when Brexit talks start. We know when they must end. Do your best to avoid a "no deal" as result of "no negotiations". #GE2017
Last result of #GE2017 confirmed, as Labour take Kensington from Tories by 20 votes
Jeremy Corbyn says it's a choice of "hope or fear" at #GE2017
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