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Storm surge will be a huge factor for Hurricane #Florence Check out what it might look like with @TWCErikaNavarro:
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We know how much you love your pets and want to keep them safe from flooding. 🐶 #HurricaneFlorence
DONT MISS VIDEO: Coast Guard picks up a boat full of beagles during #Florence rescue mission
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.@POTUS makes surprise phone call to North Carolina mayor as Hurricane #Florence approaches
A @USCG helicopter crew rescues people affected by flooding caused by #Florence in Onslow County, #NorthCarolina.
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DON'T let your guard down! The weather and water hazards associated with #Florence will persist through the weekend.
That is not a river..that is Interstate 40 just north of Wilmington. #Florence ...h/t Brianna Waxman
Note: The Washington Post's paywall has been lifted for Hurricane #Florence related coverage.
With that nearly 400 mile wide TS wind field we are just beginning this dance with #Florence
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JUST IN: #Hurricane #Florence has rapidly intensified into a Category 3 major hurricane.
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