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Let's talk about how the #FinsburyPark terrorist was radicalised.
Victim blaming in the usual newspapers is disgusting. #FinsburyPark mosque won an award for combating extremism.
Today is #Juneteenth. Remembering the lives lost in slavery. And those lost today by hate + bias. #NabraHussein #CharleenaLyle #FinsburyPark
Imam from Muslim welfare centre protected #FinsburyPark suspect from angry crowds
We must come together to oppose violent extremism and terrorism in whatever form it is manifested. Hate is not British #FinsburyPark
People are calling out the media for double standards on reporting #FinsburyPark attack.
Imam Mohammed Mahmoud protected #FinsburyPark attacker from the crowd until police arrived
Radicalized by the British media. #FinsburyPark
Six tweets from @realDonaldTrump today. Not a single one on the #FinsburyPark terrorist attack, perpetrated against Muslims. Shock! Horror!
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