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11 months
.@Nigel_Farage: 'I'd rather live in Trump's America than Merkel's Germany.' #FarageOnLBC
.@Nigel_Farage: "We've done it, with a majority of 384!" #FarageonLBC
9 months
.@Nigel_Farage: There should be sackings of senior BBC executives quickly #GE2017 #FarageOnLBC
3 months
Should Theresa May increase Britain’s Brexit divorce bill offer? @Nigel_Farage is taking your calls #FarageOnLBC
What should @Nigel_Farage ask Michel Barnier during the pair’s meeting tomorrow? #FarageOnLBC
2 months
It’s reported Britan’s divorce bill could reach up to €55bn and @Nigel_Farage is absolutely furious #FarageOnLBC
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The moment Secret Service remove @Nigel_Farage live on air in Washington DC #FarageOnLBC
3 months
Is it time for an honest debate on immigration and housing? @Nigel_Farage is live #FarageOnLBC
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