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Join me on #FacebookLive as I conclude my final #debate preparations.
You don't want to miss @MaeYoungClassic's #ParadeOfChampions, streaming on #FacebookLive THURSDAY at 6:30pm ET!
Make sure you watch our #FacebookLive tomorrow for a big announcement!
#AlDub fans: We're meeting @aldenrichards02 in Singapore for a #FacebookLive on 24 July.

What shall we ask him?#ALDUBGetThemLolaTini
I'm doing a #FacebookLIVE from the #flowrider at 6pm EST TONIGHT! Who's tuning in!?! @royalcaribbean #fitadventure
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'The options are endure the tear gas or trample each other' - #FacebookLive by Kevin Gilbertt
Thank you everyone who tuned into our #FaceBookLive chat this morning!!! We'll see you next…
BREAKING: #FacebookLIVE killer committed suicide after a police pursuit in PA
I'm doing my 1st #FacebookLive stream in 30 min!! Got some exciting news to share (& maybe some magic
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