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#ScotlandvsEngland tonight. Winner gets independence; loser gets Nigel Farage as First Minister. #fair
500 people perform famous #dance of Zhuang people with shoulder poles at a county #fair in SW China's Guangxi
Exciting! More than 400 boats gather for centuries-old Qintong Boat #Fair in E China's Jiangsu
Time for tax reform that helps working Americans pay the bills and send the kids to college instead of helping just a few at the top. #fair
Kudos to @maddow and @chucktodd INCREDIBLE JOB!! You made it about the issues. Best debate-#mustseeTV #MSNBCdebate #FeelTheBern #fair
Tips for people attending fairs where pigs might be present this #fair season:
New drawing and sculpture #fair shakes up #Paris fine art world
Working around the world to empower women & tackle inequality: #EvenItUp #FAIR
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