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Tony Rocha
celebrities movies tech guardiansofthegalaxy decimates boxoffice expectations with 94 million
Kenny Smith
i guess cavs firing blatt in first place wasn t enough they wanted to be in 0th place expectations smh
I guess @cavs firing Blatt in first place wasn't enough, they wanted to be in 0th place! #expectations smh
Lolly Daskal
some people set the bar so low you can trip over it frank sonnenberg fsonnenberg expectations
“Some people set the bar so low you can trip over it.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg @FSonnenberg #expectations
James Valentine
check out in the dark by my jjamz bandmate jjamz expectations boardwalks dusk light losangelesdot
Check out "IN THE DARK" by my JJAMZ bandmate #JJAMZ #expectations #boardwalks #dusk #light #losangelesdot
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GQ Magazine
the california natives debut album expectations is bold accessible and proudly queer
The California native’s debut album #Expectations is bold, accessible, and proudly queer
Dave Weigel
chaffetz says rubio needs to finish in the top three in nevada expectations
Chaffetz says Rubio needs to finish "in the top three" in Nevada. #expectations
Greta Van Susteren
remember in 08 hrc came in 3rd and people called it a lossand now rubio in 3rd is called win expectations
Remember: in 08, HRC came in 3rd and people called it a loss..and now Rubio in 3rd is called win #expectations
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