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Harald Weygand GMT
berkshire hathaways apple position brk aktien equities
#Berkshire Hathaways Apple position

$BRK #aktien #equities
Lipper Alpha Insight
jakemoeller1 analyzes emergingmarket equities and fundflows
.@JakeMoeller1 analyzes #EmergingMarket #equities and #FundFlows
jeroen blokland
the valuation of global equities has dropped by more than 30 from its peak in september 2016
The valuation of global #equities has dropped by more than 30%(!) from its peak in September 2016.
@PIMCO 1 year
how expensive have equities become relative to commodities
How expensive have #equities become relative to #commodities?
Kitco NEWS
after hours gold swims against strong equities currents
AFTER HOURS: #Gold Swims Against Strong #Equities Currents |
jeroen blokland
disturbing monday chart us macro surprises are the most negative since 2011 but us equities have yet to blink
Disturbing Monday chart! US macro surprises are the most negative since 2011, but US #equities have yet to 'blink'!
World Economic Forum
why do equities earn such a high rate of return investing
Why do #equities earn such a high rate of return? #investing
jeroen blokland
not so good china morning chinese equities hit fresh low this morning
Not so good #China morning! Chinese #equities hit fresh low this morning...
jeroen blokland
market capitalization per selected asset class bitcoin cryptocurrencies gold equities
'Market capitalization' per selected 'asset class'!
#bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #gold #equities
the dow breaks out of compression ahead of nfp ms dji djia equities
The #Dow breaks out of compression ahead of #NFP ^MS

#dji #DJIA #Equities
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