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The time for change is now. No more bloodshed. #EastEnders
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Our children are our future. The violence must stop. #EastEnders
Attention all hashtaggers, likers, re-tweeters, trendsetters and key influencers: #EastEnders do the Hotline Bling!
“You killed Lucy” #EELive #EastEnders
“Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy.”
It was Bobby. He did it. #EELive #EastEnders
The #EastEnders production team react to the big reveal at the studio screening...
Rest in peace, Shakil. A kind soul with a bright future. You deserved so much better. #EastEnders
Two precious young lives hang in the balance. Both victims of knife crime. It cannot go on like this. #EastEnders
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The wonderful memories will live on. Their stories must be told. #EastEnders
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