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If you want to please anyone, it needs to be God. We need to learn to do everything we do for God and not for anyone else. #ea #AskJoyce
The power of prayer is not about how elegant or how long it is. I believe it's about 2 things: faith and patience. #ea
No matter what your problem is, the answer to it is – Trust God and do good. #ea #AskJoyce
#EA confirms a new #Battlefield for 2018, #Anthem to 2019! Read the full story below!
You can talk to God about anything and everything that concerns you. #ea
Even when I don't know what to do, I do know God and I believe He is working. #ea #AskJoyce
You’re not ever going to get an answer if you don’t ask. #prayer #ea
God is never going to love you any more than He does at this moment right now. #ea
One word from God can give you the courage to do anything! #ea #AskJoyce
The Word of God works. If you'll learn it & apply it in your life, you can be completely transformed. #ea #AskJoyce
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