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Approximately 800,000 Dreamers know no other home than the United States. We must bring the Dream Act up for a vote. #DreamActNow
220,000 Californians are living in fear of deportation. We must pass the Dream Act by the end of the year. #DREAMActNow
California is home to 220,000 DACA recipients. I stand for them and I stand with them. They are #HereToStay. #DreamActNow
The average Dreamer came to the United States at just 6 years old. This country is the only home they’ve ever known. #DREAMActNow
Proud to stand with @UNITEDWEDREAM in the Capitol today. We need the #DreamActNow
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The ACLU is calling for a clean Dream Act NOW! #DreamActNow
It's up to Congress to protect young immigrants. #DreamActNow
Members of Congress need to hear this loud and clear: It's time to pick a side. #DreamActNow
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